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Driving through the Sierra de Los Filabres and the Cierra de las Estancias mountain ranges will gift you with the opportunity to see many charming towns and villages; surrounded by olive groves, lemon orchards, and picturesque valleys and hills. Albox is one such town located in the Almanzora Valley, having an elevation of four hundred and twenty meters above the sea level, and at a distance of around one hundred and thirty kilometers from the city of Almeria.


The name originated from the Arabic term for woods and happens to sound identical to the word el bosque that means Spanish for a forest. Albox got its name in the Medieval times. It was completely devastated by an earthquake in 1503, and many of its historical buildings were destroyed.  The town was rebuilt from scratch later on.


Albox is a white-washed market town in Spain, having a net population of eleven thousand people approximately, inclusive of a small percentage of foreign expatriates. The town boasts all the modern amenities including banks, shops, restaurants, post office, schools, bars and a twenty-four-hour medical center. The nearest hospital is around twenty kilometers away at Huercal Overa.

Albox has a public swimming pool, similar to other inland towns in Spain that are not connected with the beaches. Most locals visit the pool at weekends and also during the summer holidays. It remains open from July to August. Also, there is a tennis club and a sports center as well.

Market Town

One small and one large market happens every Saturday and Tuesday mornings respectively. On market days makeshift stalls are constructed on the neighboring streets for selling bread, fruits, and vegetables. Chorizo cured sausage, Jamon or cured ham with bone, numerous varieties of queso or cheese and many other delicacies are available for purchase.

Surrounding Areas

The Albanchez and the Almanzara are the two beautiful rivers that contribute to the town’s agriculture. It is hardly sixty minute’s drive from coastal Mojácar.


Albox has a temperate climate available all the year around, similar to the region of Costa Almeria, where the temperatures rarely go down below 18oC. The winter evening can be somewhat chilly, but the days are sunny and bright. The mercury soars as high as 30oC during May to June and the next two months of July and August can prove to be even hotter. It falls again in mid-September and hovers around 23oC to 27oC.

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