Vera Information

Vera is a small municipality in North-Eastern Almeria, elevated at a height of ninety-five meters overlooking the sea, and is located barely ninety-five kilometers away from the provincial capital city. There are quite a few most popular inland beaches including the Puerto Rey and the EL Playazo that are only seven kilometers away from the coastline.


There are many pieces of evidence pointing towards Carthaginian having a civilization. Along with the Moslems and the Romans during the time of al-Andalus, until it was won by Christian armies in 1488.

The original site of Vera was entirely destroyed by a devastating earthquake in 1518, and it was rebuilt and migrated to its present location that was constructed in 1520, along with a square-shaped eight watchtowers and a church-like fortress set up above an aquifer to guard in the event of a war.

Some Moslems were converted to Christianity and were called the Moriscos, who eventually became rebellions and started a riot in the conquered places of al-Andalus, until they were expelled from this Spanish peninsula.

The population of Vera remained constant until it grew leaps and bounds during the twentieth century, and the now defunct mining sector and especially the growth of tourism at the end of the twentieth century and the early twenty-first century; responsible for this level of baby boom.

What To Do?

Vera is an internationally famous beach destination and among the best places for practicing naturism. The very first naturism theme hotel in Spain was here and there are plenty of accommodations that suit every pocket. The following places are worth visiting.

Church-Fortress Of The Incarnation

Reconstructed in the year 1524 after a devastating earthquake that completely destroyed the old Moslem city or the old Vera. The new site was purpose-built in the form of a fortress with security towers to safeguard the place from any possible future attacks.

Convent Of The Minimums

It was built during the early sixteenth century to honor the comparatively lesser known order of Minimums.


Dating back to the year 1879, it is as among the oldest bullrings in Spain.

Hill Of Holy Spirit

This area carries the signs of Moslem relics including remains of houses, an old oven, and some tanks adjacent to an old wall among various other archaeological structures.

Archaeological And Ethnographic Museum
Houses the cultural and the archaeological remains of this region.

Other Places Of Tourist Interest
  • Cabo de Gata natural park
  • Desert of Tabernas
  • Karst of Gypsums of Sorbas
Sports And Leisure Activities
  • Trekking
  • Snorkelling
  • Mountain biking
  • Windsurfing
  • Scuba diving
How To Reach There?

The A-332 road and also the Mediterranean Motorway that extends towards Almeria and Murcia, they both passes through Vera. If any visitor is coming from the Malaga airport, then the person can proceed towards Almeria. Then follow A-7 to reach the destination via Nijar.

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