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Mojácar Pueblo is a whitewashed village on a hilltop and nestles in the bottom of the Sierra Cabrera mountains. It looks over the Mojácar Playa beach resort, where the sandy beaches kiss the Mediterranean Sea.

The lower pueblo can be marked as the starting point of our virtual guided tour; and there are numerous cafes, trinket shops, bars in this area.  A visitor can either walk across the road on a steep climb and reach the heart of the village, or choose to take a detour on the right. He can proceed to the fountain and the Art Centre or the Centro de Arte.

Mojácar’s fountain or La Fuente Moro has been a significant source of water for the village for centuries, during the Moorish times when it was the pivotal force of the Mojaquero society, and even now the inhabitants still consume the water by filling the bottles in their weekly ritual.

Pages of the history books tell that the Moorish village was peacefully surrendered to the Catholic Kings, and this constitutes a significant part of the history of the Mojácar. A commemorative plaque firmly placed on top of twelve water sprouts reminds the travellers about this.


The main walkway passes the fountain and continues to the outskirts; where the Plaza Nueva is located, i.e., penultimate destination of our virtual guided tour in Spain. However, the first or second pathway to one’s left will lead to the original entrance of the city. It goes through the Plaza Flores situated in an ancient Jewish quarter.

Puerta de la Almedina or Puerta de la Ciudad is necessarily the gateway of the old city that dates back to the fifteenth century. The archway boasts the Puerta de la Ciudad inscription and also the coat of arms in Arabic as well as in Spanish.

After leaving the archway, the next attraction is the Calle de Enmedio or the home of the Ayuntamiento de Mojacar. The magnificent structure of the town hall, and the beautiful plaza. This plaza café is a favourite hangout for the locals and daytime shade for the outside seating area under one gigantic old tree.

Across the town hall, one narrow stairway rises up to the Plaza del Parterre. It is now beautiful as it houses various flowers and plants. It previously was the location of an old Arab cemetery once upon a time.

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