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Your Golden Chance To Move TO Spain.

After the introduction of the Golden Visa programme in October 2013, Spain has witnessed a whopping 2500% increase in Non-EU Nationals moving to the country. It is among the Middle Eastern buyers that the biggest increases were noted. For the Financial Year 2013-14 when compared to FY2012-13 this unprecedented increase occurred, this shows the value of the country to foreign investors.  Any non-EU individuals visiting Spain on or after this date will be automatically considered for permanent residency status. However, it is subject to that person’s willingness to invest at least half a million Euros in the local real estate market. This unique self-sponsorship programme has generated a tremendous amount of interest in Asian and Russian markets which has also helped contribute to the boom.

Global Settlers Arriving In Spain & Settling

The Great Recession in Spain that began in 2008 had lead to numerous repossessions and the ongoing credit crisis that in turn reduced the property values to a record low. In addition to this, the chance to secure an EU residency had sent the much-needed stimulus to the travel and tourism sector, and many potential buyers are now regularly coming to the country from around the globe.

Approximately eight million people from different nationalities came to Spain in the month of August alone. The number of Russian citizens rose by 30% during January and July in 2014. The minimum financial commitment in these cases is half a million Euros, and the investor is free to spend that sum on one or more properties. With no stipulation regarding the type of property, apartment, villa, house or development. This gives huge scope for potential investors.

The Balearic Islands gained immense popularity among the foreigners looking at setting their feet on the Spanish soil. It has seen around eight billion Euros under the category of international spending.  The Costa De Almeria is packed every year with Non-EU tourists. Mainly attracted by isolated coves and sandy beaches, stylish restaurants, cafes and huge shopping potential. The quaint villages with rich individual histories, transparent blue waters; and also the huge range of leisure and sporting activities available ensure Spain remains one of the number one places for both tourists and investors alike. 

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