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Life In Almería: A Notch Above The Ordinary

Situated in sunny Andalucía, Almería city is an ideal combination of modern charm and historic beauty. This ancient Spanish city offers numerous attractions that appeal to the travelers and also to the inhabitants; such as, sightseeing, museums, shopping hubs, historical sites, etc.

Andalucía has an area of eighty-seven thousand two hundred and sixty-eight square kilometers and consumes 17.3% of Spain’s net area. To put things into perspective; it is bigger than Holland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, or Switzerland. The sheer diversity of its geographical terrain and landscapes has such an intense appeal that made the tourist keep flocking to this place from all over the world. The volcanic landscapes like the Tabernas desert, the serenity of the Guadalquivir River valley, the snow-tossed Sierra Nevada peaks; each of them is a separate chapter in this Spanish fairy tale.


The present-day Andalucía is well-developed and boasts of urban infrastructure. The motorways and roads extend over twenty-four thousand kilometers. In addition to the standard rail network, there is a pair of high-speed lines also, namely, Malaga-Cordoba and Seville-Cordoba-Madrid. The region is well-connected with major European cities by air. Andalucía’s strategic location between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic made it an obvious choice to be an international maritime hub of much importance. Algeciras, Malaga, Cadiz are some of the major ports in this area that contributes to the local and national economy of Spain.

Costa De Almería

Many people say that it is a land of contrasts! The warm sandy Mojácar beaches, isolated coves at the Cabo de Gata national park, Vera Playa and Puerto Rey, the picturesque Moorish village at Mojácar, the silence of the Cortijo Grande valleys and the dry deserts of the Almanzora and Tabernsas; each forms a significant part of the grand collage that Almería offers its admirers. The climate remains warm and dry around the year.

Majestic coasts, whitewashed villages nesting cozily on the mountains, and the unspoiled beauty of the beaches; it is for them only Almería has conferred the honor of “one of the best-kept secrets” of Spain. The winter ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada are around two hours’ drive from here. The most popular tourist attractions of this place are as follows.
  • Alcazaba
  • Castillo de San Cristobal
  • Air raid shelters of Almería
  • The Cathedral of Almería
  • Museum of Almería
  • Shopping and sightseeing on Las Ramblas
  • Plaza de Toros
  • Barrio de la Chanca
  • Aire de Almería
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Andalusia is the main holiday destination for Spanish nationals and one of the principal destinations for overseas tourists.

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