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Larger Than Life

Vera Playa is situated on Andalusia’s Costa Almeria and at a latitude that is exactly identical for most of the Northern Africa. It is regarded as among the best naturist beaches in the whole world.


Vera Playa got its name from the small Spanish town Vera that sits around eight kilometers inland from the shores. The closest town is Garrucha, a jostling fishing hub located about five kilometers away from the Southern Vera Playa. It is a beautiful port-town with plenty of good restaurants, shops, and other modern amenities.

Vera Play is comparatively a new resort that started to develop during the 1980s. It is said that the elephants of the legendary Hannibal landed here in the Roman era.


The Vera Playa beach runs as long as seven kilometers from North to the South, from the Southern part of the Villaricos to the Vera Playa, and then further proceeds to Puerto Rey and also to Garrucha; and the naturist-only beach is around one kilometer long that houses the council-accredited naturist resort also.


Similar to most of the contemporary coastal luxury resorts in Spain, Vera Playa has good facilities including restaurants, bars, adequate public conveyance and supermarkets. The travelers can also either walk north and reach to the Villaricos harbour-village or to the South and access the Garrucha fishing-town. There is also a large water park in the Vera Playa providing fun for the entire family; with so many slides and rides, swimming pools, restaurants and play areas.


Vera Playa has an ideal Mediterranean climate throughout the year, similar to that of the Costa Almeria. The mercury rarely goes down below 18oC in the sub-tropics. The temperature soars above 30oC in the summer; and the months of July and August can get even hotter; and then it falls again during mid-September and graduates to a milder, though still warm, and liveable 23oC to 27oC. The winters are mostly dry and mild, though the evenings can get quite chilly at times.

How To Reach?

The resort is barely thirteen kilometers away from the Mediterranean Motorway or the Autovia del Mediterraneo and is easily approachable from the nearby airports. Most domestic travelers come here by car and Madrid is less than five hours drive from the Vera Playa. The closest town is Almeria that takes a little more than an hour to reach.

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