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Almanzora Awaits You

This Almerían town got its name from the surrounding caves and the river that passes through it. This Spanish town has a rich history of art and culture. Additionally, the abundance of beaches has made it the ideal candidate for a vibrant international tourist destination.

The cave houses complex or the Casas-Cueva, located at the Calguerín, is barely a kilometer away from the Cuevas del Almanzora. It will appeal to the admirers of rural and countryside landscape for sure. There are two hundred caves in this area of which some of them are now rural lodges. One of those ancient rock caves is now a museum.


The Cala Cristal beach or the Embarcadero Viejo beach is pretty famous for scuba diving in those caves. The Desert Springs Golf Club is the first ever golf club set up in a European desert, and the European Supercross Championships are held in Almanzora on the first week of August for motorcycling enthusiasts. The Mediterranean Games of canoeing and rowing took place in 2005 on an artificial lake in Almanzora.

The sunbathers will love the sunny and warm beaches of Cuevas del Almanzora; namely, Villaricos, Palomares, Pozo del Esparto or Calón and the coves on the cliffs like las Dolores, Los Invencibles, or Panizo.

This place is perfectly suitable for all those who are looking for “cultural tourism” vacations in Spain. Villaricos, Almizaraque, and Fuente Álamo are some of the famous archaeological sites popular among international tourists as well as the locals. The Marqués de Vélez Castle was constructed during the sixteenth century, and the Casa del Alcaide is housed inside this castle. This Casa del Alcaide now functions as the headquarters of Antonio Manuel Campoy Museum of Contemporary Art. The Casa de la Tercia is the home to the Historical Archive, Museum of Archaeology, and the town library.

Other prominent structures include:
  • Villaricos Castle
  • San Sebastian church
  • The church of San Antonio Abad convent
  • San Francisco Convent
  • Calvario Shrine
  • Church of Nuestra Señora de la Encarnación
Stately homes like Lissa, Torcuato Soler Bolea, the Mansion of the Grains of Gold, and the Alcázar of Sultana.

Art Galleries

The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Antonio Manuel Campoy boasts an enviable collection of artworks of various world-famous Spanish artists including Picasso and Miró. The museum has an exclusive display of creative works devoted to Don Quijote de la Mancha.


Food lovers can never go wrong with the garlic soup, the gurullos along with rabbit meat, olla de trigo, pastries and candies. Other must tries are aniseed donuts or cream cuernos, candy sticks and what not!


Festivities are held at mid-November to honor the spirit of San Diego de Alcalá. The Easter Festival and the Easter Week celebrated in May are also organized with great enthusiasm. The Guazamara-Los Guiraos Pilgrimage also deserves a special mention.

How To Reach There?

Cuevas del Almanzora is a hundred kilometers away from Almería, and from there head to exit no 537 towards Murcia. Finally, reach the place taking the A-332 to reach Almanzora.

Staying In Almanzora

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