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San Juan de Los Terreros is a picturesque coastal village located near the border of Murcia and Andalusia, in the Almeria province. The region is famous for its gorgeous, family-friendly beach that gradually touches down the Mediterranean Sea.

The village spread over many years as per the requirements of the incoming tourists. However, it still preserves the old Andalusian appeal, and is an ideal destination for couples as well as families seeking a relaxing beach vacation in Southern Spain.

Around The Town

It has good amenities for travelers with bars, shops, and restaurants; and also a couple of beautiful woody beach bars where one can enjoy the day’s local catch. There is also a magnificent palm tree-lined alameda extending the beach’s length.

San Juan de los Terreros is the home to an ancient castle that dates back to the sixteenth century. It was constructed as a coastal fort and rests on top of a headland that overlooks the coast from a height of a hundred and fifty meters. The castle offers beautiful views of the Carboneras resort and the Cabo Cope.

Natural Surroundings

The village has the rugged mountains and a terrific coastline surrounding it. Those who can afford to climb the peaks are reimbursed with some exquisite views of the Costa Almeria and the elegant skyline at sunset. The two islands arising from the sea, Isla de Terreros and Isla Negra, are close to the natural parks.


It is the abode of warm sandy beaches that are ideal for families. There are a couple of beautiful sandy coves as well as some inlets also nearby.

Places Of Interest

The Cabo de Gata, a natural maritime park is in the Costa Almeria, and is easily reachable by a vehicle. The water theme park is barely fifteen minutes away from the San Juan de Los Terreros. Oasys, a western theme park, is also located in the inland Tabernas desert village.


There are numerous golf courts located near the village including the Desert Springs Golf Course of Mojácar and the Valle del Este.


With an annual average of three hundred and twenty days of sunshine, Almeria has the most liveable Spanish climate. The San Juan de Los Terreros has visitors throughout the year. Mercury soars up to 32oC to 36OC in the scorching months of the summer and hovers around 14oC to 16OC during the colder winter.

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